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Burgettstown Community Library


Providing a community library for all residents in the Burgettstown surrounding area.

Programs and Services

  • The library provides free WiFi to all patrons. We also have several computers and laptops equipped with Microsoft Office. Our library is host to the Ft. Vance Historical Society. On Wednesday afternoons, they provide free genealogical assistance. We provide children's story time throughout the year. We hold a wonderful summer reading program open to all ages.
  • The Burgettstown Library holds Tai Chi with Dorothy Techlenberg on Thursdays at 11:00 a.m. We host an adult book club.
  • The library has several clubs which meet monthly. Our quilting club meets the second Thursday of the month at 6 pm. They discuss quilting patterns and also work together to make various quilting projects which benefit our library.
  • Our Doll Club meets the last Thursday of the month. Each month is a themed activity where the children make a take home craft for their doll. They are able to sew and make other creations for their doll.
  • Our Build it Club meets the second Wednesday of the month. They have free play and also participate in various STEM activities. This is open to all ages.

Primary Revenue Sources

Contributions, Governmental Aid, Fundraising

Primary Fundraising Event

Spring Tea

2016 Financials

Federal Tax ID25-1035659
Net Assets$530,294


Name:Kristin Frazier
Address:2 Kerr Street
Burgettstown, PA 15021

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