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California Area Historical Society


To bring together those people who are interested in local history. To preserve the heritage of the land and the significance of its setters. To educate the public about the heritage of the area.

Programs and Services

  • The California Area Historical Society, located at the Gallagher House, the site of the Society, is an educational research center for local history and genealogy.
  • In addition to education and historical programs for the community, the all-volunteer association is a depository for historical materials, artifacts, and family histories.
  • The "California Crier," the official publication of the Society, is published quarterly.

Primary Revenue Sources

Membership dues, donations

Primary Fundraising Event

Soup sales, Mothers' Day Tea Party mailing

2015 Financials

Federal Tax ID25-1710596
Net Assets$99,817


Name:Mary Beth Graf
Address:429 Wood Street, Box 624
California, PA 15419

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