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Canon-McMillan Horizon Foundation


The mission of the Canon-McMillan Horizon Foundation is to connect the financial, material and social resources of the Canon-McMillan community and the Canon-McMillan School District for the benefit of the students of Canon-McMillan and the community. We intend to create a bond that is mutually beneficial to both and to constantly improve the quality of life in the Canon-McMillan community.

Programs and Services

  • The C-M Horizon Foundation supports the educational and social needs of the students of Canon-McMillan. The educational needs we focus on are those that support innovative programs and activities that are not the normal realm of a district budget. The Foundation is aware that innovative ideas both of students and staff lie stagnant in need of outside funding. We intend to supply funding through direct grants and through community source "matchmaking" on our website.
  • We meet the direct daily life needs of the students through our direct support of the Santa Fund. The Santa Fund is actually a year 'round fund that is aided by student organizations and it supplies students with everything from glasses to shoes and coats. It has bought mattresses and sheets and even beds for students in the district. It gets its name Santa Fund by its secret supplying of Christmas gifts and meals to approximately 200 students a year. If there is a need the Santa fills it.
  • The C-M Horizon Fund is creating a "matchmaking" site on their website where a teacher can identify a project or a material need that is beyond the District's budgetary plan and we will post it for the community to see and a business or person could offer to fill that need. In a reverse situation, a company can post on our site and a teacher could claim materials for their class. An example would be if a company is discontinuing its current microscopes it could offer it in a posting on our site.
  • The Foundation is planning to support a "Human Energy Fund" where Physical Education at the high school becomes a path to a lifelong activities. We would like to find funding for a climbing wall. In keeping with life activities we are seeking help with ellipticals or stationary bikes. The pool is the perfect place for mini kayaks to teach techniques. Yoga mats and sound system would aid other activities like Pilates or Zumba.
  • Our Macs on the Move initiative is to provide transportation to jobs to the students who need a job just to make it. Most students do not have a car and Washington County public transportation does not work well with after-school time schedules or with routes. We would like to help with either funding a public transportation source or work with the District to create a system that would support our students in getting the experience that will help them find permanent employment.

Primary Revenue Sources

Private donations and director donations

Primary Fundraising Event

Fall Community Reception, Parent Conference Night

2015 Financials

Federal Tax ID46-3023550
Net Assets$127


Name:Kathleen Berry
Phone:(724) 926-3641
Address:200 DeMar Blvd.
Canonsburg, PA 15317

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