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Charleroi Area Historical Society


Preserve the history of the community

Programs and Services

  • Preserve history in varied ways for the community area by researching, compiling and recording the heritage and the icons that reflect it, and actively working to preserve Cultural-Heritage and all that can be utilized in the pursuit of the industry of Tourism for the Charleroi Community Area.
  • The CAHS, Inc. has hosted the Veteran's Banner program and have been very active in and as Friends of the Coyle (FOTC) Theater project and site.

Primary Revenue Sources

Dues, In-Kind & Charitable Giving

Primary Fundraising Event

FOTC Fund, Veteran's Banner Fund, both community service programs and actions.

2016 Financials

Federal Tax ID25-1330993
Net Assets$9,062


Name:Nikki A. C. Sheppick
Address:807 Fallowfield Ave
Charleroi, PA 15022

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