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Human Coalition "Curo Women’s Care Clinic"


Online for Life is a 501c3 non-profit organization working to assist women and their families with the concerns of unexpected pregnancy.

Programs and Services

  • CURO Women's Care Clinic: We provide tangible support for women and their families before (preventative), during (urgent), and after the crisis (continuum of care).
  • Preventative Care: the timeframe before a woman or family enters into a crisis pregnancy situation. Connecting with the client prior to a potential crisis allows us to build a relationship, educate, and establish trust as a medical and educational provider. We accomplish this through sexual risk avoidance education in school districts across Allegheny and Washington counties.
  • Urgent Care: the engagement with a client who is in the middle of a crisis pregnancy situation. We reach out to clients in crisis in order to provide them with education regarding all of their options. We provide medical services, such as STI/STD testing, pregnancy testing, and ultrasound. We provide these services in both our brick and mortar location in Pittsburgh and our mobile clinic, which travels to specific areas in Allegheny and Washington counties.
  • Continuum of Care: helping clients make the transition from expectant parents to parenting and coordinating church partnerships to provide the care and community that women and families need long-term. Our Continuum of Care Coordinator has developed relationships with agencies, food banks, shelters, and other resources throughout Allegheny and Washington counties. The goal is to meet the immediate needs of the client with the resources she desperately needs for her family.
  • Though CURO Women's Care Clinics have been performing these services for some time, we are formalizing and enhancing our services.
  • Human Coalition, formerly known as Online for Life, operates Curo Women’s Care Clinic of Pittsburgh, formerly known as the Pregnancy Resource Center of the South Hills. Proceeds support the local activity here in Washington County.

Primary Revenue Sources

Contributions and Grants

Primary Fundraising Event

Fall Banquet

2014 Financials

Federal Tax ID26-4099950
Net Assets$2,125,607


Name:Lori Szala
Title:Regional Director
Address:7800 N Dallas Parkway
Plano, TX 75024

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