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LeMoyne Community Center


The LeMoyne Community Center's mission is developing, shaping, defining, and stabilizing its community with education, arts, health, and recreational programs.

Programs and Services

  • Homework & More is an after-school program that includes homework assistance and enrichment programs. We work with the school district which provides after-school homework assistance and transportation to the center. We provide transportation to the schools we serve outside the Washington district, and assist those students with their homework here. We use conflict resolution to teach the students better ways to deal with disputes and conflicts. We also serve a healthy meal and snack daily.
  • Camp Challenge is our free summer day camp and operates for 8 weeks during the summer and also offers enrichment programs, physical activities, recreation, field trips, healthy meals and snacks. The older students visit colleges and participate in job shadowing, perform community service and fill out sample job applications and resumes. All ages participate in educational programs, physical activities, weekly trips to the community swimming pool, and field trips to the zoo, science center, etc.
  • Nutrafit is a comprehensive program that includes many levels of education and food discoveries. Nutrafit assists youth in learning how to identify healthy foods and their different nutritional values. We use creative ways to have our youth try new food items. We also expose them to all types of educational messages that include fun facts, and ways that particular foods affect their minds and bodies. We emphasize fitness using several different sports to keep the kids active and interested.
  • Our Summer Mobile Feeding Unit provides a healthy lunch for from 400-700 area youth for 10 weeks during the summer when school is not in session and the youth may not otherwise have access to a complete noonday meal. We have volunteers from local churches help to prepare, pack and deliver the food, and also take activities and sometimes special guests to the 13 sites we serve. Our participation rate increased by 34% from 2015 to 2016, and we added 2 additional sites.
  • Each October we have our annual Community Roast, at which time we honor three community members (two living members and one posthumously) who have made great contributions to the LeMoyne Center since its inception. It is an elaborate affair which is open to the entire community, and is also one of our biggest fundraisers.

Primary Revenue Sources

Grants and Fundraising Events

Primary Fundraising Event

WCCF Gives, Annual Community Roast

2015 Financials

Federal Tax ID25-1215468
Net Assets$846,307


Name:Joyce D. Ellis
Title:Executive Director
Address:200 N. Forrest Ave, P.O. Box 1241
Washington, PA 15301

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