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The Monongahela Area Historical Society


Monongahela Area Historical Society is organized to preserve and tell the history of the Monongahela Area.

Programs and Services

  • The Monongahela Area Historical Society functions today as a monthly meeting organization which has become a strong voice in the community on such issues as: historic preservation, community development, "sense of community identity", and quality of life.
  • The Monongahle Area Historical Society (MAHS) provides monthly meeting speakers, features community events such as: Evening With Mark Twain in June, Ye Olde Auction in September, and autumn ghost walks, and operates a museum at 320 Main Street, Monongahela, and serves an archive to the community. The MAHS archives are being digitized in order to become more accessible to the local and online communities.
  • The Monongahela Area Historical Society cooperates with other historical society on joint ventures and exhibits. We contributed to the 2015 Civil War Exhibit in Donora. In 2017 MAHS is cooperating with the Elizabeth Township Historical Society on a Mark Twain Program.

Primary Revenue Sources

Fundraising Events, Dues, Donations, Grants

Primary Fundraising Event

Autumn Ghost Walks

2015 Financials

Federal Tax ID25-1442310
Net Assets$15,889


Name:Kathleen DeSantis
Title:Corresponding Secretary
Address:230 West Main Street
Monongahela, PA 15063

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