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To provide tickets for various events to underprivileged children

Programs and Services

  • TFK is dedicated to enriching the lives of low-income and at-risk children and families by including them in various activities that are sources of learning, encouragement and inspiration. TFK facilitates equitable access to the world of ideas, accomplishment, creativity and culture by being the partnering link between ticket providers and social service agencies. Through this network of partnership, TFK supports the growth and well-being of both the children served and the community at large.
  • The TFK Ticket Distribution Program obtains tickets to arts & cultural, educational, recreational, STEM-aligned, and sporting events through a network of providing partners including individuals, sports teams, theaters, museums, zoos, aquariums, amusement parks, colleges, universities, local and national producing agencies and others. TFK then partners with social service agencies to provide no-cost tickets, which broaden the resources being offered to children throughout the region.
  • Our agency partners serve thousands of socially, emotionally, physically and psychologically underprivileged children and their families through family support centers, after-school programs, summer camps, mentoring programs, early childhood care centers, foster care agencies, shelters, and residential and group homes. TFK works to include these children in the cultural events and activities that encourage growth and inspire change.
  • In 2015, TFK distributed 127,135 tickets valued at more than $3.3 million. As the only regional organization dedicated solely to this mission, TFK has created an innovative way to provide access and opportunity for each agency partner.
  • TFK’s commitment to filling this need is founded in the belief that exposure to arts, culture, science and athletics introduce new career possibilities, expand worldview, and ultimately have the potential to change a child’s life. These benefits are too important to be deemed out of reach for those who can’t afford the price of admission. What started as a private charity has grown into a public nonprofit that has distributed 1.9 million tickets valued at more than $42 million.

Primary Revenue Sources

Institutional and individual contributions

Primary Fundraising Event

Boots, Bubbly & Billy

2014 Financials

Federal Tax ID02-0559825
Net Assets$101,497


Name:Meryl Hellring
Title:Director of Development & Communications
Address:700 Blaw Avenue, Suite 105
Pittsburgh, PA 15238

This website contains an organizational snapshot, as well as links and contact information, for each of our participating charities. We have also included the tax identification number for each charity so Donors wishing to review more detailed financial and governance information may access the Form 990 for that charity via