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To affirm liberty and justice for all people with disabilities.

Programs and Services

  • We are in a time of transition. Tri-County Patriots for Independent Living (TRIPIL) is changing its name to Transitional Paths to Independent Living (TRPIL). We are no longer in just three counties; we serve a broader region to assist people with disabilities. Some of the programs include peer support, information and referrals, advocacy, and independent living skills training. Another program is transitions from high school to college or career or from nursing home to own independent place.
  • TRPIL has an Assistive Technology Center that lends or gives equipment to individuals who would benefit from such a device. For example, we have many designs of telephones for the hearing and visually impaired. A person could borrow a device and try it out. If it is not beneficial, another one could be tried. If the item is helpful, we will attempt to get the equipment for the person without cost to them. Hailey recently tried a Visiobook and it worked wonderfully so she kept it!
  • Our wellness facility helps many individuals maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is very important for people with disabilities to exercise, maintain a healthy weight, and have less stress in their lives so they do not develop secondary conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, or obesity. Michelle had difficulty walking and was unsteady on her feet. When she first started, she used a walker. After a period of time, she participated in our 5K with just a cane! She has made progress!
  • The internet café remains a popular area for members and guests. Monday through Thursday 9 to 4 people can stop by and use the computers for free. Also, we host classes weekly that cover a wide variety of subjects including technology uses, networking, employment skills, and basic computer training. It is consumer driven, so individuals can suggest topics like how to set up an email account, which happened recently. Technology opens the world for people like Darlene, who is deaf.
  • TRPIL is renovating the former YWCA Building, 42 West Maiden Street, Washington, to become its new headquarters and a community center. Bids will be opened May 25 and an award will occur on June 16. Constructions will proceed for about one year and then we will move into this historic, but fully accessible building. The capital campaign has raised funds for Phase I and we are seeking funding for Phase II, which includes the gymnasium/stage area. We are excited about this means for programs.

Primary Revenue Sources

State funding through Department of Human Services, Medicaid

Primary Fundraising Event

Golf Outing

2015 Financials

Federal Tax ID25-1858480
Net Assets$5,602,273


Name:Joann Naser
Title:Director of Development
Address:69 East Beau Street
Washington, PA 15301

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