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Washington County Watershed Alliance


Protection and Conservation of Natural Resources

Programs and Services

  • The Alliance provides public education and outreach to citizens about the protection and conservation of natural resources. Water quality problems and sources of pollution are identified and solutions are recommended.
  • Water Quality Monitoring: Our monitors collect data at 24 sites throughout the county. Measuring conductivity, temperature, and water level every 15 minutes continuously. Through partnerships with local Universities we have students collect the data which is kept at the office. The WCWA also assists with other monitoring throughout the county as needed.
  • Environmental Education: The WCWA educates the public through outreach events, such as the county fair and educational programs. In-school presentations are often given when requested by local teachers. School programs include watersheds, nonpoint source pollution, and plankton.
  • Beautification Projects: The WCWA along with the local Watershed Associations conduct roadside and stream cleanups around the county. We partner with other organizations and local businesses to make a greater impact.
  • Coordination: The WCWA assist our local Watershed Associations with financial services and administrative work. This allows our groups to complete more projects and obtain more grant funding. Our groups include the Buffalo Creek Watershed Association, Chartiers Creek Watershed Association, Ten Mile Creek Watershed Association, and the Upper Wheeling Creek Watershed Association.
  • Special Projects: The WCWA is helping to restore Canonsburg Lake with the help of the Canonsburg Lake Restoration & Improvement Committee. We also assist the Buffalo Creek Watershed Association with their upgrades to Dutch Fork Lake.
  • Financial Clarification: Since we receive the majority of our funding through grants, these monies are restricted to only use for those projects. Our totals for funding fall into two categories, restricted funds (grants and project only money) and unrestricted funds (for administration and daily use). The WCWA funds are as follows: Restricted funds = $332,422 and Unrestricted funds = $50,209 (for WCWA and all Watershed Associations).

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2016 Financials

Federal Tax ID25-1815293
Net Assets$380,637


Name:Jennifer Dann
Address:2800 North Main Street, Suite 105
Washington, PA 15301

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