1999 Highlights

Frank Tracanna, Jr.

Frank Tracanna, Jr.

Total Assets: $483,000

Cumulative Grant-making: $34,000

Total Funds: 36

Chairman: Frank Tracanna, Jr.

Philanthropists of the Year

Cameron Award Poy W300

WCCF Chairman Frank Tracanna presents the Philanthropist of the Year award to the children of Pete Cameron: Wendy, Peter, & Gen.

Initiated the Philanthropist of the Year Award, recognizing Wilfred R. Cameron as the first honoree

Building a Legacy

Published the first edition of the Legacy newsletter

Acorn Fund

Acorn Fund

Created the Acorn Fund, a pooled fund for discretionary grant-making

Mother's Fund

Mothers Fund

Created the Mother’s Fund by combining individual contributions with a $15,000 grant from the FISA Foundation