2002 Highlights

Louis E. Waller

Louis E. Waller

Total Assets: $1,170,000

Cumulative Grant-making: $156,000

Total Funds: 73

Chairman: Louis E. Waller

Connecting Donors through the Web

Received the first fund via an internet search – the Dr. Paul Pipik Fund for Study in the Health Sciences

A Trustee Remembered

Gillespie Roy 1 Memorial Fund W175

Mourned the loss of Trustee Roy R. Gillespie

Enhanced Recordkeeping

Purchased our first computerized relational database, Community Pearl, to handle all of the functions of the Foundation

A Fund for Peters Township

Received the Community Endowment for Peters Township, which was created with proceeds from a Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra concert at Peters Township High School

Philanthropists of the Year

Northrop John Bill 1 Poy W225

William B. Northrop & John L.S. Northrop

Recognized John L.S. Northrop and William B. Northrop as the Philanthropists of the Year