Alex E. Paris Contracting

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There are many members of the construction industry who are in the business of building. Alex E. Paris Contracting is in the business of building community.

Its President Alex Paris, III, remarked, “We’re blessed to be in the position we are in to help people . . . We have the perspective that there’s a need out there, and that need continues to grow. So, we try to do what we can within reason.”

That spirit of philanthropy is very much aligned with the company’s origins as a local family business founded by Alex’s grandfather, Alex Paris, in 1928.

It is therefore not unusual to see Alex E. Paris Contracting listed as a sponsor of different community events, such as the Hickory Apple Festival, Burgettstown Community Night at Wild Things Park, the Washington County Fair, and the Whiskey Rebellion Festival.

Academic and athletic programs for students are another important area of focus. Among its commitments is ongoing support to the Challenge Program, which introduces sophomores, juniors, and seniors to local careers and challenges them to compete for awards that are linked with academic and workforce success.

Not long ago, after learning that a local school district was planning to institute a fee for students to play sports, Alex E. Paris Contracting sprang into action, knowing there would be many families who could not afford those costs. Alex recaps the story quite succinctly: “We paid the fees . . . it was the right thing to do.”

There has also been an ongoing commitment to local agricultural programs, an integral part of life in our rural communities. One parent wrote: “[Thank] you Alex Paris for giving back to the community by purchasing my son, Connor's, 4-H market hog, Dorothy, at the Washington County Fair's 4-H and FFA Livestock Auction. Not only did you support him and all of his hard work, but you donated her back and the proceeds went to the 4-H and FFA Scholarship Fund.”

With its unique expertise and resources, the company’s charitable support sometimes comes in the form of in-kind contributions.

Alex E. Paris Contracting has donated its services to many diverse projects including ballfields, school district facilities, historic buildings, as well as parks. A few years ago, in Cross Creek Township, the company generously installed all water and sewer lines to a pavilion and restroom facilities in Cedar Grove Park. Additionally, Tim Paris, the company’s Vice President, has served as a celebrity auctioneer during park fundraisers.

Rachel Warner Welsh, Manager of Cross Creek Township, explained, “Here in Avella, the name Paris is synonymous with generous philanthropy efforts, and numerous organizations in our community have been the lucky recipient of their generosity. It is abundantly clear they are dedicated to our community and have made a great impact . . .”

In today’s ever-changing world, it can be challenging to find things that are built to last. However, with a glimmer of pride anda commitment to excellence, Alex will tell you, “We’re still here.”

It’s a reassuring notion not only for the many local individuals who are employed by Alex E. Paris Contracting, but also for the local charitable causes that have come to rely on the company’s generous support.