NSA Security Forces

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Russell & Heidi Crupe

There is no denying that we are instilled with a desire to protect the things that we love – our families and friends, our homes, and even our most precious possessions. And there is one local company that has demonstrated a special dedication to protecting our community and some of the things that it holds most dear.

NSA Security Forces is a full-service private security firm with over 30 years in combined law enforcement experience. The company employs over 100 fully-trained security officers and offers a wide range of services for industrial/commercial sites, special events, traffic control, and schools.

Founder and President Russell Crupe, who spent 20 years as a corrections officer and 30 years as a state constable, attests the creation of the business was all about being in the “right place at the right time,” and that feeling of good fortune is what has helped to inspire the company’s commitment to charitable giving and service. “I felt that God put me into business, so I needed to give back,” he attests.

Since safety and security are the company’s main focus, it should come as no surprise that many of the organizations NSA likes to support are those that are responsible for safeguarding our region’s history and heritage. The David Bradford House and the Whiskey Rebellion Festival, Washington County Antique & Bottle Club, the National Duncan Glass Society, West Virginia Museum of American Glass, Carnegie Museums, and the Heinz History Center are just a few that have benefitted from the company’s generosity.

“NSA Security Forces stepped forward from the start to support the Whiskey Rebellion Festival, contributing greatly to its success,” remarked William (Tripp) Kline, III, Whiskey Rebellion Festival Co-Chairman. “Russ and his NSA Security employees also work tirelessly to ensure the safety of all our festival guests.”

Additionally, the company has been committed to supporting youth activities and sports like the Bass Club of Washington, PA’s Bass Buddy Tournament, Trinity hockey, and PONY baseball. 

But NSA’s commitment to the community is not limited to providing monetary or in-kind support.

Leading by example, Russ is also passionate about sharing his time with his favorite charitable causes. He is the President and a 40-year member of the Washington County Antique Bottle & Glass Club, Board Director of the National Duncan Glass Society, President of the Local Chapter (Chapter 1) of the National Duncan Glass Society, Founder and President of the Wheeling Area Glass Society, as well as Museum President of the West Virginia Museum of American Glass. And just one week after the Foundation’s Philanthropy Banquet, he will be found at the Jefferson Avenue United Methodist Church, running its pre-Thanksgiving Day Dinner. Some might say that his personal commitment to service has helped to inspire those with whom he works. 

Russ and his wife, Heidi, established the Sgt. Russell L. Crupe Jr. Fund at the WCCF in memory of their son to support the Avella Area Public Library and Citizens Library. Many NSA employees are actively involved with the annual softball tournament that benefits the fund – not because it’s a company activity (it isn’t) but because they want to have a hand in helping a good cause. A cash bash and walk for Multiple Sclerosis are also being planned by members of the NSA team.

Sometimes, it is the little things that will make a big impact, and Russ is a firm believer that it is not about how much you can give, but rather the willingness to do something good for the benefit of others.

“I just believe in giving back . . . It is my hope that NSA will be here long after I am gone and maintain this tradition of supporting the community,” he remarked.