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Question: In just two words, can you connect cutting tool packages, medical supplies, and promotional items with beautification projects, charity drives, and community service? 

Answer: rose plastic. 

In fact, the ways in which this local manufacturer engages in corporate philanthropy are almost as diverse as its product line. 

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rose plastic President Kenneth Donahue & Human Resources Director Jennifer Capozza

A worldwide leader in the protective plastic packaging market, rose plastic is the first Charles C. Keller Excellence Award for Corporate Philanthropy recipient with international roots. The company was founded in Germany in 1953, and its American branch, rose plastic USA, was established in California, PA in 1998.  While geography and topography contributed to the selection of its location, another significant factor was the regional business community (which hosts numerous other successful German companies).  

“rose plastic and its executive leadership have been among the most active of the commercial and industrial organizations in the Mon Valley since they arrived in the California Industrial Park two decades ago.  Their support for community and regional charitable activities has been steady and substantial,” stated Charles Keller. 

That “steady and substantial” support has benefitted diverse programs including those that help children, victims of abuse, senior citizens, the homeless, the hungry, military service members, as well as animals. 

From serving on boards to hanging brackets in support of the California Rotary Club’s flag program, rose plastic employees greatly enjoy service opportunities that take them out into the community.  This past summer, a group of them spent a day moving playground equipment for the Village of FPC, a preschool and child care facility that helps single parents pursue higher education. The weather was hot and humid, and the task was physically demanding, but the participants were happy to lend a helping hand.  Improving the quality of life for local children is a cause close to the hearts of employees at all levels of the company.

At a time when many school administrators face tight budgets, rose plastic has helped California Area School District through the donation of supplies such as pencil cases and containers, as well as office paper and art supplies.  Additionally, it has made contributions to provide food to the elementary school’s needy families during the holiday season. 

And not long after the WCCF requested personal care products for its Mother’s Love care packages (for women who have been abused, battered, sexually assaulted, or have become homeless), a member of the rose plastic team delivered an enormous box of items that had been collected for the drive.  

Committed to turning “environmental resources into philanthropic efforts,” the company has placed recycling bins in the workplace and sells scrap that cannot be reused in production to outside plastic vendors.  All the money raised through these projects is used to purchase gifts for less fortunate children via the Angel Tree Project. 

rose plastic considers its charitable giving to be just an extension of its corporate mission, and its hope is that through a commitment to service, all employees will take pride in the community they call “home,” the work that they do, and the company they represent.

“It is a great honor to be included in this year’s recognized recipients as well as those companies that have been recognized before.  To have our name associated with the work, efforts, philosophy and contributions that Charles C. Keller has exhibited to global corporate philanthropy is truly a humbling moment.  It is impossible to match the accomplishments that are associated with Charles Keller’s philanthropy, but his example is a guiding light and the pathway for many to follow for years to come,” remarked Kenneth Donahue, President.