Washington Financial Bank

Smith On Blue Cc

Brian Smith, President & CEO

If the Community Foundation were to collect stories about how Washington Financial’s charitable giving has impacted this community, we could fill volumes.

Some of the chapters could be titled, “This Scholarship Helped to Make College Possible;” “How Our Project Became a Reality,” or even “Support that Helped Our Charity Survive.”  The WCCF certainly would have its own tales to tell – including how Washington Financial provided the initial sponsorship of WCCF Gives, a day of giving for local charities.

“[Washington Financial’s] ever present and generous support for our organizational needs and our philanthropic goals has been a major pillar of support in the growth and success of the Foundation,” remarked Charles Keller. 

A researcher diving into the company’s archives could trace a history of philanthropy that spans decades, long before a formal charitable giving program was established.  Since the inception of this giving program, the Bank has donated nearly $5 million to support health and human service needs, community development projects, and education.  Over 150 local students have earned scholarships and the Bank continues to allocate a portion of its overall giving at the request of its customers through the annual “Customer Choice” campaign. 

“As a local business that is invested in helping the community grow and prosper, Washington Financial has developed a culture that truly is about giving,” stated Brian Smith, President and CEO.  “A commitment to service is ingrained in the fabric of the people who work here.  In fact, Washington Financial employees donate over 4,500 hours of service time each year to a wide variety of community organizations."

The Bank has supported so many worthwhile initiatives and many organizations were only too happy to express their thoughts about the Bank.  Here are just a few of the many comments the Foundation received.

Maryann Weinstein, Washington Symphony Orchestra Board President, commented, “It is no exaggeration to say that the very existence of the WSO is a direct result of the community engagement of Washington Financial Bank.”

“Washington Financial Bank has always recognized the need and benefit that Pathways SWPA presents to children and adults living with disabilities.  They have contributed funding to many of our special projects, ensuring that our consumers receive quality service in a safe and healthy environment,” remarked Pathways Executive Director Jill Binotto.

Try-Again Homes Executive Director, Gwendolyn Davis wrote, “When the leadership of Washington Financial was made aware that there was a need to collect and disperse holiday gifts for children in need, they were the first to call to see what they could do to help.  It seems that no task is too great or too small if it will help assist those that need support in our community.”

“Washington Financial has been one of the most stalwart supporters of the library for many years and has always understood that the needs of the library reflect the needs of the community we both serve,” wrote Pier Lee, Peters Township Public Library Director.

These excerpts are just a few of the many comments of appreciation for the charitable works of Washington Financial.  This long-standing commitment to local philanthropy has established Washington Financial as much more than a good corporate citizen – it is truly a tower of strength for the Washington County community.