Charleroi Area Public Library

Charleroi Area Public Library, a small but growing charity, was named the winner of the President’s Choice Award for 2021. This honor includes a $10,000 unrestricted grant from the Acorn Fund.

Charleroi Cropped

The Charleroi Area Public Library is located within seven municipalities of the Charleroi Area School District in Washington County. The building itself was constructed in 1912 as a U.S. Post Office, and it is now a registered historic building.

The library and its quality programs empowers the community by developing a world of words to teach and to inspire. It aspires to sustain community members through various opportunities to enrich, support, and enhance their daily lives.

The award will be used to expand the library’s commitment to serving as a hub for the community. Plans include adding a small kitchen as well as developing a downstairs area of the building. As the library’s programming evolves to accommodate different groups with different needs, a kitchen space that can provide everything from snacks to communal dinners will make the library an even more appealing location to host gatherings of various sizes. \

We look forward to seeing this new space!