The Village of FPC

White Martin Sears Donahue Cropped

Village of FPC President Cherie Sears is flanked by two of her Board Directors, Dr. Richard Hart & Kenneth Donahue.

It takes a village to raise a child” are words that the Village of FPC has taken to heart.  This Mon Valley charity committed to providing high quality, no‐cost child care and pre‐school to low‐income families, is giving community members from all walks of life opportunities to learn and grow.

Recognizing the accomplishments of this small but improving charity, the WCCF presented the Village with this year’s Director’s Choice Award.  The award included a $10,000 unrestricted grant from the Acorn Fund.

“If I didn’t know otherwise, I would think that the eligibility and criteria for the Director’s Choice Award were crafted specifically for the Village of FPC,” stated WCCF President & CEO Betsie Trew.  “We could not have chosen an organization more worthy of this recognition.”  

“The Village has received accreditation from the National Association for the Education of Young Children – a clear indicator of the quality of its programming.  Without a doubt, the Village is having a positive impact in the community.  It has grown from serving one child in
2008 to serving 51 children in four classrooms currently.  

It is partnering with California University to enable Early Childhood Education majors to
benefit from on-the‐job training.  And it has included intergenerational programming with older adults at the Center in the Woods. The Village also clearly meets the final criterion of the Award —improvement in the Statement of Financial Position.  It has taken steps to diversify its revenue sources, while carefully managing its operating expenses, helping to increase its net assets by more than 260% from 2008 to 2010.”