Washington Community Arts & Cultural Center

Luta Jen Umbach Sandee Cropped

Jen Luta, Executive Director, and Sandee Umbach, President, Washington Community Arts & Cultural Center

A $10,000 grant from the Washington County Community Foundation’s (WCCF) Acorn Fund was presented to the Washington Community Arts & Cultural Center, the recipient of this year’s Director’s Choice Award.     

“Wash Arts is building a strong reputation for the quality of its arts programming,” said Betsie Trew, WCCF Executive Director.  “It has continuously developed new programs for arts education and has consistently increased the number of participants in those programs.  And we have watched as revenues to the organization have also increased, helping to improve the financial position of the organization.”  Wash Arts will use the $10,000 grant to purchase equipment for its Digital Arts Program.

According to Wash Arts, “Art, music, theater, and literature all enhance our quality of life in a profound way. However, many children are not able to explore the fine arts – most often due to cost. And with local schools facing more cuts in arts programming, it’s not hard to imagine how the world might miss out on a great painter, vocalist, or writer.”  

To combat this notion, Wash Arts provides free art classes for children and takes part in many cultural events in the community.  Through these opportunities, children have the chance to see their work exhibited both at the Center and in the public.  

The Center aims to encourage creativity and introduce the beauty of art to children who otherwise may not have the resources to participate in such activities, thus, improving their quality of life and transforming the community as a whole.