Award Nominations

Philanthropist of the Year

The WCCF created the Philanthropist of the Year award in 1999. As part of the National Community Foundation Week celebration each November, a local philanthropist (individual or family) is honored for their exceptional generosity to the community. In addition to a dinner held in the recipient’s honor, a permanent named fund is created at the Foundation. The name and purpose of the fund is determined by the recipient.


  • Demonstrated exceptional generosity, relative to one’s ability to give, through personal financial gifts to local charitable causes
  • Demonstrated encouragement and motivation of others to financially support local charitable causes
  • Documented efforts to improve the quality of life in Washington County through volunteer leadership of local charitable and other community efforts
  • Documented efforts to advance philanthropy in general

Although Trustees of the WCCF are not excluded from eligibility, the Foundation will first consider individuals or families that are not currently serving on the Board of Trustees of the Foundation.