William G. Stough

Stough William Trustee Profile

It’s likely you have heard of magic beans. But have you ever met a magic bean counter? There are those who just might say WCCF Treasurer William Stough is worthy of the title. Maybe it’s a coincidence, but since this Certified Public Accountant was elected to the Board of Trustees in 2005, the WCCF’s assets (beans) have continued to grow, and grow, and grow (from $2 million to more than $17 million)! 

This summer, Bill will be rotating off the Board after nine years of outstanding service. In recognition of his many noteworthy contributions to the WCCF during his tenure, he was chosen as the recipient of this year’s Richard L. White Excellence Award for Board Service.

As an experienced CPA and member of the Finance & Audit Committee, Bill has dedicated significant time to helping the WCCF to navigate the many complexities of non-profit auditing and IRS regulations. In 2012, he was elected Treasurer of the Board and Chair of the Finance & Audit Committee. Serving as the Treasurer of a growing community foundation is no easy task, but Bill fully embraced the responsibilities of this position. As Treasurer, he spearheaded the effort to institute a policy requiring the Foundation to issue a request for proposals to select an independent certified accounting firm to audit the financial activity of the Foundation no less than every five years. Also, he has been a member of the Development, Investment, and Executive Committees.

In addition to sharing his professional talents, Bill recognizes the importance of sharing treasures. He has made annual personal contributions to the WCCF, and he and his wife Carol are members of our Family of Founders donor recognition society. Through his work as a professional advisor, he has referred clients interested in local philanthropy to consider the Foundation’s services, which has earned him a place in the James H. McCune Acorn Society.

With such a strong commitment to service, it should come as no surprise that Bill has also participated on several other local charitable boards including World Series Tournaments (which oversees the PONY World Series in Washington) and Audia Caring Heritage (a local private foundation supporting community and Italian charitable causes). His community involvement enabled him to assist the Foundation with identifying local charitable organizations eligible to participate in WCCF Gives.

It would be virtually impossible to count the many ways Bill Stough has shared his time, talent, and treasures with the WCCF, but we sincerely hope that this award will reflect our sincere appreciation of all that he has done while serving as a Foundation Trustee.