Marketing Themes

The Community Foundation utilizes marketing themes to help focus the community’s attention on specific issues impacting our quality of life and to educate the community about the programs offered by our local charities to address those issues. The themes also help to demonstrate the Community Foundation’s grant-making flexibility and to introduce us to new audiences of potential supporters. Generally, a new marketing theme is introduced with the election of a new Chairman of the Board and each theme seeks to increase the value of one of our pooled funds (multiple donors who share a common charitable interest).

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Our first theme, the Decade of Service, occurred in 2005 when the Foundation turned 10 years old. The Chairman of the Board was John R. Duskey. In celebration of our anniversary, we issued 10, $10,000 Decade of Service grants from our Acorn Fund to local charities. At least one charity was selected in each of our funding areas: arts & humanities, education, environment & animal welfare, health & fitness, human needs, and religion & faith-based programs. 

Mothers Fund

The Women of Philanthropy theme, named in honor of our first female Chairman of the Board, Carlyn Belczyk, was focused on disadvantaged women and children. Grants of $5,000 each were issued to 15 local charities from our Mother’s Fund. Successful development efforts increased the value of the Mother’s Fund from $20,000 to $250,000. 

Recognizing our first father/son duo to serve as Chairman, the theme Philanthropy – The Next Generation was selected. Thomas P. Northrop was the Chairman at that time and his father, John L. S. Northrop had served previously as our Chairman. Perhaps the most significant occurrence during this theme was the broadening of our mission statement to “improve the quality of life primarily in Washington County by providing a vehicle for philanthropic giving across a broad spectrum of giving levels to support diverse community needs and to provide prudent stewardship of those charitable funds.” To express our gratitude to our earliest supporters who were willing to invest in us when we were a great idea waiting to happen, the Director’s Choice Award was created. It provides a $10,000 unrestricted grant from the Acorn Fund to a small but improving charity.

Arts Fund

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The Art of Giving marketing theme was named to honor then-Chairman Richard L. White, who has long been associated with the art of giving, both personally and through his former role as President of Washington Financial Bank. He has a particular appreciation of the arts and presently serves on the board of the Washington Symphony Orchestra. The Arts Fund, which makes grants in broad support of the arts, served as the fundraising focus of the theme. 

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Our theme for 2013-2014, Building Foundations, Building Communities was chosen to honor then-Chairman of the Board William Campbell, who has spent much of his adult life helping to build the capacity of local charities, and also to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the community foundation field in 2014. Long known as a fundraiser, grant‐maker, and donor‐service organization, the WCCF was particularly excited about the opportunity to illustrate its role as a community leader through the most significant component of the theme — WCCF Gives, the Foundation's annual community-wide day of giving that was launched in September 2013. 

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Philanthropy, in its many forms, is an act of giving that is straight from the heart. With this in mind, the Heart of Giving theme was chosen for 2015-2016 to honor Immediate Past Chairman Deborah Takach. From her personal contributions and the corporate contributions she secures, it is clear that Deb's giving comes straight from her heart. Our Heart of Giving marketing theme also perfectly coincided with the WCCF's 20th anniversary -- a time for us to reflect on our past accomplishments and to outline our plans for the future, all of which have been shaped by the overwhelming support we have received from the Washington County community.

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In January of 2017, we launched our new marketing theme Envision the Future, in honor of Ed Morascyzk, Chairman of the WCCF Board of Trustees.  As part of the Envision the Future theme, the WCCF will develop a poster campaign to raise awareness of the needs in our communities using taglines that correspond with each of the Foundation's funding areas: arts & culture, education, health & fitness, human needs, environment & animal welfare, and religion & faith based.  Envision the Future where...

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The Golden Age of Giving marketing theme will run through the end of 2018.  Look for developments on the campaign's strategic partnerships and activities as the year progresses.