Art of Giving

Arts Fund

Logo by Christin Bongiorni

Campaign Goals

Goal One

Educate the public about the various ways of giving, i.e. time, talent and treasures, as well as the various vehicles of making financial gifts, i.e., cash, securities, real estate, charitable gift annuity, life insurance, bequest, etc.

Goal Two

Educate the community about arts programming (creative, performing and visual) available in Washington County

Goal Three

Increase the grant‐making capacity of the Arts Fund

Strategic Partnerships and Activities

  • Produce a series of articles for our newsletter regarding the Three T’s of Giving (Time, Talent, and
  • Treasures) ‐ three newsletters, each focused on one of the three T’s— initiated Spring 2011
  • Host a series of seminars to educate donors and professional advisors about the different vehicles of financial giving (current and deferred).
  • Conduct a contest with high school students to design a computer‐generated logo for the Arts Fund, complementary to other WCCF logos—completed
  • Initiate a new perpetual award to honor a local for‐profit business for corporate giving and community service—completed
  • Partner with local arts organizations to have art displays (or entertainment) at our Legacy Celebration, Philanthropy Banquet, and other events — initiated Spring 2011
  • Produce a new commercial titled, “The Art of Giving” to be aired on Comcast and for other marketing activities—in progress
  • Produce a video featuring many of the organizations in our community offering programs in the arts—completed
  • Partner with the Observer‐Reporter to run ads promoting the theme—initiated July 2011
  • Seek to partner with W&J and Cal U to show “One Extraordinary Street” which the WCCF helped to fund in 2005
  • Increase the value of the Arts Fund