Building Foundations, Building Communities

Acorn Fund

Campaign Goals

Goal One

Educate the public regarding the four primary roles a community foundation assumes to strengthen the community: fundraiser, grant-maker, community leader, and donor service organization

Goal Two

Educate the public about the importance of a discretionary grant-making fund to support emerging quality of life issues in Washington County

Goal Three

Significantly increase the value of the Acorn Fund, the Foundation’s primary fund for discretionary grant-making

Strategic Partnerships and Activities

  • Produce a video, Building Foundations, Building Communities, to recap the significant activities of the WCCF as a fundraiser, grant-maker, community leader, and donor service organization for The Heinz Endowments “In the Spotlight” opportunity. It will also be used for other marketing initiatives.
  • CF as a Fundraiser - Continue capital campaign to significantly grow the Acorn Fund.
  • CF as a Grant-maker - Conduct our first proactive grant-making cycle (all previous cycles have been responsive; proactive grant-making is the next logical step in our growth).
  • CF as a Community Leader - Expand WCCF website to include a detailed database of non-profits with local operations and to accept electronic contributions for all eligible and interested charities in Washington County (no fees will be charged to the participating charities for this service). Seek partners to provide match incentives to encourage “days of giving” (WCCF Gives).
  • CF as a Donor Service Organization - Add a service that donors would find useful.