Envision the Future

Wccf Envision Future Fc Sm

Campaign Goals

Goal One

Increase awareness of the WCCF’s county-wide service territory and grant-making interests. 

Goal Two

Educate the community regarding the WCCF partnerships with local charities to improve the quality of life in Washington County.

Goal Three 

Create the Vision Fund to address vision and vision-related issues. 

Strategic Partnerships and Activities

  • Conduct a county-wide Envision the Future poster campaign.  Develop taglines for each of the Foundation's funding areas: arts & culture, education, health & fitness, human needs, environment & animal welfare, and religion & faith based.
  • Include grant impact stories highlighting WCCF grants to local charities in WCCF publications and on the WCCF Heart of Giving Charity Storybook website.
  • Conduct a fundraising campaign for the Vision Fund.
  • Expand donor base through increased marketing efforts.
  • Partner with local professionals and businesses that provide vision-related services.
  • Partner with local service organizations to reach wider audiences and increase awareness of the Vision Fund.