Philanthropy – The Next Generation Education

Acorn Fund

Campaign Goals

Goal One

Educate the public about the importance of developing an unrestricted grant‐making fund to support emerging quality of life issues in Washington County

Goal Two

Increase the value of the Acorn Fund which provides grants in the areas of arts & humanities, education, environment & animal welfare, health, human needs, and religion

Strategic Partnerships and Activities

  • Initiate an annual Director’s Choice Award to be given each year to a small but improving charity. The award will include a $10,000 operational grant from the Acorn Fund and will be presented at a newly created Legacy Celebration in June.
  • Initiate annual Acorn to Oak community days where volunteers (individuals and corporations) will plant oak trees throughout Washington County. This activity will provide an opportunity to educate the community about the environmental advantages of planting trees.
  • Present inaugural James H. McCune Acorn Society Awards to professional advisors (attorneys, accountants, bankers, investment professionals, insurance professionals, financial planners, etc.) who have referred clients to the community foundation or who have personally supported the foundation.
  • Partner with Comcast Cable to air a commercial featuring the Next Generation of volunteer leadership of the community foundation.
  • Partner with the Observer‐Reporter to promote the current campaign through placement of periodic advertisements in the paper.
  • Initiate a Gift Annuity Program to encourage planned gifts to the foundation. Other charities will be permitted to refer clients to the program for the ultimate benefit of the referring charity.
  • Choose honoree(s) for our annual Philanthropist of the Year award to complement the Next Generation theme.
  • Conduct a special fund‐raising campaign for the Acorn Fund to provide the $10,000 for the annual Director’s Choice Award.