Women of Philanthropy

Mothers Fund

Campaign Goals

Goal One

Educate the public about the importance of funding women’s and girls’ programs

Goal Two

Educate the public about effective women’s and girls’ programming occurring in our community

Goal Three

Educate women, both affluent and those of more modest means, about philanthropy

Goal Four

Promote the Motherʹs Fund as a vehicle through which one may support women’s and girls’ issues

Strategic Partnerships and Activities

  • Partner with the Washington County Chamber of Commerce to feature in the January 2007 edition of its Washington County Business Journal an article titled Women of Philanthropy featuring businesswomen who are actively engaged in philanthropy.
  • Partner with the Observer‐Reporter to publish a series of articles to run in the newspaper in May 2007 detailing the importance of funding women and girls’ programming and featuring effective programming occurring in our community.
  • Partner with the FISA Foundation to publish a report titled “Nurturing our Children, our Families, Our Community – Women’s Work” detailing the importance of funding women and girls’ programming, and featuring effective programming occurring in our community.
  • Partner with Mylan Laboratories and the Washington Wild Things dedicate the August 2 game as Wild Thing’s Tribute to Moms”. Yellow hats and visors with the Wild Thing mascot holding the yellow rose Motherʹs Fund logo in his teeth will be distributed to all fans. The virtual “sea of yellow” will provide a compelling visual effect sure to have a lasting impact on all in attendance and will be videotaped for future promotions. Announcements will be provided over the loud speaker regarding how individuals may become involved and brochures regarding the Fund will be distributed. Also, the home team will wear signature yellow uniform shirts will be auctioned at the game with 100% of the proceeds devoted to the Motherʹs Fund. And finally, several women will be chosen randomly from the audience to receive Motherʹs Fund Rose Bouquets provided by local participating florists.
  • Partner with Comcast Cable to produce and air a commercial featuring the Mother’s Fund and ways to be involved
  • Partner with Signature Sponsor Chapman Corporation to host the Women of Philanthropy Celebration and Grant Ceremony in May 2007 with a silent auction, to raise funds for theMotherʹs Fund. At the event, grants were presented to the 15 charities included in the“Nurturing” publication and a local woman, Julie Uram, was honored with a Women of Philanthropy Award.
  • Partner with the Washington County Chamber of Commerce to name its annual “Women of Wisdom Seminar”, Women of Philanthropy. The break‐out sessions of this half‐day seminar will be (1) developing your charitable goals (2) tax benefits of charitable gifting (3) importance of funding women and girls’ programming (4) refresher course for women CEOs of local charities. A dynamic female speaker qualified to speak on the role of women in philanthropy will be the luncheon keynote speaker. (held October 12)
  • Partner with Storybook Florist, Rocco Florist, Flowers by Regina and Lily’s Flower Shop to sell special Motherʹs Fund Rose Bouquets which will include yellow roses. For every sale, participating florists will donate $10 to the Fund.
  • Partner with First Commonwealth to produce 5,000 Motherʹs Fund Rose lapel pins. The pins will are being distributed in exchange for a $5 contribution to the Motherʹs Fund via counter‐top displays in participating businesses located throughout the county
  • Partner with Sarris Candies to produce yellow candy roses
  • Conduct a special fund‐raising campaign for the Motherʹs Fund.
  • Choose a female honoree for our annual Philanthropist of the Year award in November 2007 – the culminating activity for the Women of Philanthropy campaign. The list of prior awardees is a “who’s who” in charitable giving in Washington County. Traditionally the award has been presented to male philanthropists and more recently to spouses; this will be the first time that a woman has been honored. Genevieve Russell was chosen as the 2007 Philanthropist of the Year.