Strategy B – Position the WCCF as a community leader

Goal A. Expand WCCF to increase its impact in the community

Method 1. Utilize grant-making funds to address community issues 

  • Action 1. Identify areas of need

Method 2. Assume the role of a community convener

  •  Action 1. Convene meetings of community experts to prioritize needs and recommend grants

Method 3. Expand the day of giving to attract new constituents

  • Action 1. Develop incentives to increase membership on the website to increase the pool of prospective day of giving donors
  • Action 2. Purchase targeted digital and social media buys two months prior to the day of giving
  • Action 3. Send a mass mailing to all Washington County addresses regarding the day of giving

Goal B. Enhance the WCCF’s reputation as a charitable giving and grant-making expert in Washington County

Method 1. Expand websites to include more information about giving and grant-making opportunities

  • Action 1: Expand website to include more information about charitable giving vehicles including donor testimonials
  • Action 2: Expand website to provide on-line access to donor funds
  • Action 3: Expand website to include at least one impact story for each day of giving charity

Method 2. Increase visibility of WCCF Trustees and Staff in the community

  • Action 1. Ensure that the majority of grants of $5,000 or more to charities headquartered in Washington County are presented in person by a WCCF Trustee and Staff member
  • Action 2. Conduct at least three of the six annual Board meetings at a funded charity location
  • Action 3. Use photos obtained from Action 1 and Action 2 to issue news releases, e-blasts and feature stories

Method 3. Increase donor education offerings

  • Action 1. Host an annual donor education event with a different giving topic each year.  First topic to be estate planning tools including IRA charitable transfers
  • Action 2. Host an annual donor education event featuring presentations from funded agencies