Strategy B – Position the WCCF as a community leader

Goal A. Expand WCCF to increase its impact in the community

Method 1. Utilize grant-making funds to address community issues

  • Action 1. Identify areas of need. -Continual

Method 2. Expand the Day of Giving to attract new constituents

  • Action 1. Develop incentives to increase membership on the website to increase the pool of prospective day of giving donors. -Continual
  • Action 2. Purchase targeted digital and social media buys two months prior to the day of giving. -Continual
  • Action 3. Send a mass mailing to all Washington County addresses regarding the day of giving. -Continual

Method 3. Ensure that Foundation staffing is maintained at a level necessary to function effectively as a community leader

  • Action 1. Per the existing Leadership Continuity Contingency Plan, until the position of Chief Operating Officer is filled the CEO shall designate an employee who will be responsible for the day-to-day operating decisions during any short-term leave of absence of the CEO. The position of COO was filled in October 2019. -Continual
  • Action 2: Establish and implement a professional development plan to ensure that the employee selected to manage the Foundation in any short-term absence of the CEO is adequately prepared to assume these responsibilities. -In Progress
  • Establish and implement professional development plans for all employees to enable them to grow in their positions. -In Progress
  • Action 4: Annually assess staffing levels to ensure manageable workloads for all employees and add positions as warranted. -In Progress
  • Action 5: Subject to budgetary constraints, hire a Director of Finance who will be responsible for the Foundation’s accounting, finance and human resource functions. -In Progress

Method 4. Streamline the operations of the Foundation to ensure that it is best positioned to function as a community leader.

  • Action 1: Combine the Development Committee and the Marketing Committee into one committee to make better use of volunteer and staff time. -In Progress
  • Where possible, increase use of electronic methods to accomplish tasks and to communicate with constituents. -In Progress

Goal B. Enhance the WCCF’s reputation as a charitable giving and grant-making expert in Washington County

Method 1. Expand websites to include more information about giving and grant-making opportunities

  • Action 1: Expand website to include more information about charitable giving vehicles including donor testimonials. -Continual
  • Action 2: Expand website to provide on-line access to donor funds. -In Progress
  • Action 3: Expand website to include at least one impact story for each day of giving charity. -In Progress

Method 2. Increase visibility of WCCF Trustees and Staff in the community

  • Action 1. Ensure that the majority of grants of $5,000 or more to charities headquartered in Washington County are presented in person by a WCCF Trustee and Staff member. -Continual
  • Action 2. Conduct at least three of the six annual Board meetings at a funded charity location. -Continual
  • Action 3. Use photos obtained from Action 1 and Action 2 to issue news releases, e-blasts and feature stories. -Continual

Method 3. Increase the impact of the Foundation’s grantmaking program to strengthen its reputation as a community leader.

  • Action 1: When possible combine grant amounts from component funds to award larger grants. -In Progress
  • Action 2. Use the larger grants to transition the Foundation from a reactive grant maker to a proactive grant maker. -In Progress
  • Action 3. Widely communicate the transitioned grants program to prospective grantees and to the community at large. -In Progress