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Charleroi Area Historical Society


Purpose/Mission: History/Education/Heritage Tourism

Programs and Services

  • We are an BCO exempted 501(c)3 tax exempt Charitable Non-Profit that exists for this Purpose: To organize, preserve, and record all available historical information about the local area, early settlers, their achievements and contributions. To record the rise of early businesses and industries in photographs, records and other memorabilia/items from the past in a permanent location so that it will be available for posterity. To promote fellowship of all persons interested in the objectives of the Society. To encourage the younger generation of the community to appreciate the contributions of early inhabitants and instill in them a desire to help the community and save the gifts and memories the past has to offer. To encourage and preserve community spirit. To cooperate with other historical societies in the Monongahela Valley to preserve all historical landmarks and communities. In addition, the Mission of the Society is to "provide a coherent history of the area, preserving its artifacts, collecting its memorabilia and to pictorially preserve in photograph and writing its history, people and events. We have also helped in assisting others in these causes as needed when we can, either by fundraising, bodily volunteerism, and/or a support presence when our members are able and can accommodate. In the past, we have had monthly programs and produced and/or re-produced various history publications, calendars, and more. Currently, we own the Goaziou Print Shop, the site of a turn of the century (1900) 3 generation print shop and ethnic neighborhood store located near 8th Street on Fallowfield Ave. in Charleroi, PA. We have a large archives kept in another building under the auspices and the graciousness of another Non-Profit entity who has been housing it for our community area, and these archives span many years, some of which is archived since the 1970s to date. The push and efforts forward have always been for Monongahela River Heritage-Tourism as a New Industry that would benefit not only Charleroi, its local area, but also all other Mid Mon Valley localities in Washington County and beyond. Thank you to all who can support the CAHS, Inc..

Primary Revenue Sources

Donations, In-Kind, fundraiser sale items, dues.

Primary Fundraising Event

Annual requests on-line, personal requests, fundraiser sales, and WCCF, Inc.

2022 Financials

Federal Tax ID 25-1330993
Revenue 4391.14
Expenses 4303.36
Net Assets 326.57


Name: Nikki Sheppick
Title: Chairman
Phone: 724-483-4961
Address: 807 Fallowfield Ave.
Charleroi, PA 15022

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