Charleroi Area Historical Society

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Purpose/Mission: History/Education/Heritage Tourism

Programs and Services

  • To organize, preserve & record all history info about local area, early settlers, their achievements & contributions. Record the rise of early businesses & industries in photos, records, other memorabilia/items from the past in a permanent location so it will be available for posterity. To promote fellowship of all persons interested in the objectives of the Society. To encourage and preserve community spirit. To cooperate with other historical societies in the MV to preserve historical landmarks and communities.
  • Further, the mission of the CAHS, Inc. shall be to provide a coherent history of the area, preserving artifacts, collecting memorabilia & pictorially preserve in photograph & writing its (area) history, people & events. We have also been instrumental in researching much and varied history/histories as well as cemetery and genealogy over the years for others.
  • In addition, the CAHS, Inc., as an official NON-Profit, was instrumental in inventorying and assisting regarding the 2nd Step of the National Registered Historic District of buildings and homes that represent the Boom Town of Charleroi, c. 1890, Incorp. 1892, which is Charleroi's large "Museum" on the River Mon, in Washington County.
  • Further, the CAHS, Inc. was directly instrumental in preserving and restoring the still intact Goaziou Print Shop as a tour facility for Charleroi, and advocates that there be other such sites set up throughout the town and adjoining communities for Heritage-Tourism purposes so that these communities will have an industry that will not easily pick up and leave as has happened in the past. This would provide diversity, not only for Charleroi, but its surrounding MV communities, but also the County of Washington, as well as the MV region.
  • We were very involved is trying to assist in the work involved in trying to save the Coyle Theater for Charleroi also over the last few years it existed. Coyle Theater - c. 1891 to 2019.

Primary Revenue Sources

Dues, books and other item sales, donations, in-kind contributions, and savings account transfers.

Primary Fundraising Event

Dues/books and other item sales

2021 Financials

Federal Tax ID25-1330993
Net Assets$692


Name:Nikki A. C. Sheppick
Title:Chairman of the Board
Address:807 Fallowfield Ave.
Charleroi, PA 15022

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