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Concordia Hospice of Washington


Concordia Hospice of Washington's mission is to deliver hospice services, in good faith, on behalf of those who entrust themselves to our care and to minister to the unique needs of each individual with respect, dignity and compassion. The vision of the organization sets us apart from many non-profit and for-profit agencies and that is to serve the True God by providing for the needs of His people. In accordance with the Organization's mission, we provide benevolent care to those individuals who are unable to pay for the full cost of their care.

Programs and Services

  • Concordia Hospice of Washington is a hospice agency in Washington, PA. The agency’s focus is on end-of-life quality, compassionate care for patients in our communities facing a terminally ill prognosis. The care is provided by a team that includes volunteers, registered nurses, social workers, home health aides, chaplains, counselors and medical directors. A plan of care is written for each patient to ensure that the agency is complying with regulations while providing the highest level of care.
  • Concordia Hospice of Washington provides end-of-life hospice care in patients’ homes as well as in-patient services at an eight bed unit in Washington County where patients can be placed for severe symptom management and hopefully return home when stabilized. The hospice staff are available at the Donnell House in-patient location around the clock to consult and provide support to families as they journey through the progression of the disease.
  • Concordia Hospice of Washington works with a home health agency and hospital system to facilitate a strong palliative care program that fosters compassionate transitions from nursing to hospice care as diseases or conditions progress. Hospice doctors and nurses are up to date on the latest medications for pain and symptom management. Hospice care is a level of care that concentrates on treating symptoms and ensuring comfort.
  • Concordia Hospice of Washington believes that emotional and spiritual pain is just as real and in need of attention as physical pain and so addresses each. Hospice provides clergy and bereavement counselors to help patients and families with emotional and spiritual needs. Volunteers are also available to provide personal care, companionship, and support to caregivers. These volunteers read to patients, play music, provide pet therapy, spiritual support and often simply grant a calm presence.
  • Concordia Hospice of Washington provides education in the local community discussing hospice care as it relates to a terminal disease. It can be very difficult for a loved one to provide care while coping with the grief process. At the end of a long progressive illness, nights especially can be long, lonely and scary. Volunteers and staff are available when we go to health-related events in the community to discuss hospice services and volunteer opportunities with the public.

Primary Revenue Sources

Concordia Hospice of Washington accepts payment for services from Medicare, Medicaid and various managed care insurance providers.

2016 Financials

Federal Tax ID 81-2448411
Revenue 3179545
Expenses 2874440
Net Assets 1062257


Name: Larissa Yates
Title: Development Manager
Phone: (724) 352-6200
Address: 613 North Pike Rd, Suite B
Cabot, PA 16023

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