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In-Stride with Therapeutic Riding


Changing lives one hoof beat at a time...Providing a place where everyone can learn, grow and achieve no matter what their personal barriers may be through interaction with horses; to provide valuable life skills in an undemanding environment and to promote getting outside to play, garden and enjoy nature.

Programs and Services

  • In-Stride with Therapeutic Riding provides horse related activities to children and adults with disabilities. We provide horseback riding lessons that help individuals with disabilities to gain strength, confidence, balance, social skills, relaxion, and exercise. Therapeutic riding has been proven to help individuals with many mental, physical and emotional disabilities lead healthier and more productive lives. In-Stride also offer Equine Assisted Therapy (EAP). This newly created program helps individuals struggling with mental and emotional disabilities to work through some of their obstacles through the use of horses. Our Special Olympics Team is also new this year and will be participating in our first horse show on April 29th at the South Park Horse Show Ring. We currently have 30 participants on our team this year and believe we will continue to grow in the future. We also provide a mentoring volunteer program where our students can become volunteers in our lesson program as well as a summer experience week where our advanced students spend a week caring for our horses.
  • In addition to our therapeutic riding program, we provide all inclusive lessons. This allows our therapeutic riders to spend time with and gain relationships with typical riders. We believe that by providing these lessons we are promoting inclusion of disabled individuals across all other settings. Our typical riders get the opportunity to work through some of the challenges our therapeutic riders face while gaining empathy and acceptance.
  • Our volunteers are also encouraged to participate in activities at the barn. We provide reduced cost and free lessons to our volunteers in both riding and horse handling/care. We believe that educating our volunteers to the fullest creates better volunteers and fosters the horse industry.
  • The making of a therapy horse is a new campaign that we have adopted. Our goal is to acquire horses from kill pens and auctions to provide them with a new lease on life. In 2021 we rescued Winnie-the-Pooh from a kill pen and Sox and Pearl from a private home that was not educated in horse care. Winnie-the-Pooh was an older Halflinger that had health issues. He spent a year with us being pampered and loved by our students and volunteers. Unfortunately his health continued to deteriorate and we lost him in the fall of 2022. Pearl came to us in 2021. He teeth were so neglected that she had many ulcers in her mouth and her feet were in need of a trim. Pearl was approximately 35ish when we received her. She was loved on on by many volunteers and students and passed away in the fall of 2022. Sox came to us with Pearl and has been an amazing therapy horse. Sox has overcome his challenges and provides lessons to several of our riders. We are excited to be taking Sox to the show in April. In late November/early December we rescued Cash and Apollo from a kill pen. Cash and Apollo are currently in training to become therapy horses. We will be raising money to have a tumor removed on Apollo and we are currently working on getting Cash to a healthy weight. Apollo has been slowly introduced to our riding program and we believe he is going to make an amazing therapy horse. We are excited that Apollo is also scheduled to attend the horse show.

Primary Revenue Sources

Horseback riding lessons

Primary Fundraising Event

On-Line Fundraisers

2021 Financials

Federal Tax ID 56-2592522
Revenue 40830
Expenses 40850
Net Assets 2000


Name: Dana Flaherty
Title: CEO/Program Director
Phone: 724-884-5660
Address: 637 Valley View Road
Eighty Four, PA 15330

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