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Changing lives one hoof beat at a time...Providing a place where everyone can learn, grow and achieve no matter what their personal barriers may be through interaction with horses; to provide valuable life skills in an undemanding environment and to promote getting outside to play, garden and enjoy nature.

Programs and Services

  • In-Stride has been providing services to children and adults in the disabled community since 2006. We have expanded our services many ways since the beginning to help those who are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders, mental retardation, CP, Rhetts Syndrome, anxiety, depression, mental disorders, social disorders, physical limitations (just to name a few). We also rescued the majority of our program horses and cats giving them a brand new lease on life. Our programs are as follows:
  • Therapeutic Riding (TR): Horseback riding and horse related activities to children and adults ages 2 and older. This program has been the heart of our organization since 2006. Seeing children smile and laugh, hearing the stories from parents of things our students are now achieving that they weren't before, providing a small amount of respite and joy for parents is what our program is all about.Being able to provide this service is the heart of everything we do.
  • Veterans Program: This is our newest program that began in 2019. This is a free service for those that have served all of us. The veterans we have have not only come for horse related activities but have also become volunteers and part of our families. They have expressed to us many times that they don't know how they would survive without us. Our horses truly have made an impact on their lives.
  • Job Skills Program: Working is hard. Imagine how hard it would be without the social skills or mental capacity to handle the mundane every day things at work. Our job skills program helps to introduce students 14 and older to work related situations. Everything from simply signing in and out to appropriate social behavior between co-workers. Our volunteers try to think of every work scenario we can recreate for our participants. This is also a program we offer free of charge.
  • Student to Volunteer Program: Encouraging students 14 and older to help others and take lead roles. This program allows our students, who are capable, to participate in lessons as a volunteer and to volunteer around the barn. This program has been a huge confidence booster for our students. Not only does it help them learn to become responsible, it also fosters relationships and allows them to see appropriate interactions that they can learn from.

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2018 Financials

Federal Tax ID56-2592522
Net Assets$1,000


Name:Dana Flaherty
Title:CEO/Program Director
Address:465 Springdale Rd.
Eighty Four, PA 15330

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