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InVision Foundation


Support opportunities for people with disabilities to ensure that they have access to human services they need to have meaningful and productive lives in their communities.

Programs and Services

  • Founded in 1992, InVision Human Services builds person-driven services with people with disabilities in their pursuit of meaningful lives. InVision Human Services recognizes that people whose disabilities and circumstances make it nearly impossible for them to be served by traditional approaches and methods deserved the opportunity to identify and live their vision of a meaningful life. InVision was founded on a single truth: Every person has a voice. We develop our innovative and customized support structures through an understanding of the importance and power of mutual relationships. We honor the strengths, hopes, and dreams of each person we support, and their unique needs drive everything we do. We accomplish our mission by working with people with disabilities to help create a level of independence they never thought possible. We listen to their hopes and dreams, build on their strengths, and value and honor their visions of meaningful lives.
  • InVision currently serves people who experience multiple intellectual and developmental disabilities, including autism spectrum disorders, cognitive and psychiatric disorders, as well as neurological, physical, and environmental disabilities. For example, we provide support to someone with an intellectual disability who is also autistic and has anxiety and depression. InVision Human Services has various programs providing support for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
  • InVision Residential - A home of their own in a supportive community and the freedom to make decisions on where and how they want to live are things people without disabilities often take for granted. In the past, people with disabilities struggled to flourish in more restrictive congregate environments where they had little autonomy or decision-making ability in everyday situations. Irritability, instability, and insecurity followed because their feelings were disregarded without any concern for their preferences or well-being. Additionally, large institutional settings removed them from communities making it difficult to participate or interact with the world around them. InVision believes people with disabilities deserve an independent life which—to us—has always equaled an independent living situation. The people we support live in their own houses, in their own communities, on their own terms.
  • InVision Employment Supports - People with disabilities often want to find employment, so we work with them to not only find a job, but to also support them on their path to achieving a rewarding career while also making a positive impact on their communities. We customize the employment search by utilizing a discovery process which requires 4-6 weeks of intensive time spent with the person looking for employment. We discover activities and abilities observed in their day-to-day lives that translate to an employer in need of that skill. This is a unique approach to vocational assessment.
  • InVision Community Supports - Not everyone with ID/A requires full-time support. Just like our other programs, the people in our Community Supports program receive customized services for daily activities based on their individual needs, like paying bills, household maintenance, managing medications along with self-care skills, as well as community-oriented and interest-based activities.
  • InVision Community Connections - The Community Connections Program is designed to provide authentically inclusive activities in a fun and social environment for people supported with intellectual and developmental disability along with behavioral challenges.
  • InVision Behavioral Health - Over 90% of the people we support have complex diagnoses that include an intellectual and developmental disability along with behavioral challenges. Seeing a need for a comprehensive and innovative approach to mental health services, InVision provides vital psychotherapy, assessment, and consultation, including individual and group psychotherapy with strategies for medication management. Staffed with licensed nursing professionals, social workers, a consulting psychiatrist, and psychologists, InVision provides a customized service that meets the unique needs of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, maximizing their opportunities to live full, meaningful lives.

Primary Revenue Sources

Contributed Revenue from Foundations, Corporations, Government entities, and individual donors.

Primary Fundraising Event

Annual Holiday Celebration

2020 Financials

Federal Tax ID 46-2374106
Revenue 631534
Expenses 12346
Net Assets 826970


Name: Jennifer Birnie
Title: Philanthropic Gifts Specialist
Phone: 724-933-5100
Address: 12450 Perry Hwy
Wexford, PA 15090

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