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Post Partum Depression Project


Our focus at Post Partum depression Project is to provide social and emotional support in an environment that ensures acceptance, integrity, and education to the mothers dealing with postpartum depression. Advancing a healthy understanding to communities, those affected and healthcare providers.

Programs and Services

  • Kimberly Manfredi and Jatnely Gonzalaz are the founders and facilitators of the Postpartum Depression Project support group (Ppdp87). Our experiences with postpartum depression brought us to the decision to design and open a support group using our personal struggles to help others. We carefully and thoughtfully have structured a peer to peer support group that meets every Wednesday, 6:30pm at Washington Health Systems, Cameron Wellness Center in Washington PA.
  • We advocate for awareness and help others understand the effects that go beyond the mother. We have received a course completion from Postpartum Support International (PSI), you can find us on their search database as a resource in Washington, PA. We have been active in advocating for mothers and most recently assisted the Strong Mom Strong Baby Coalition on Senate/House Bill 200-adding early intervention for children of mothers effected by postpartum depression (PPD).
  • Traveling to Harrisburg to speak at a press conference for Senate/House Bill 200. On May 22, 2018 this bill passed out of the house appropriation Committee and now proceeds to the full house floor for a final vote. We have been involved with community discussions and continue to bring awareness by supplying materials/handouts to local physicians and counselors offices. We find a need in our area for advancement for in home visits and educating mothers before birth.

Primary Revenue Sources

Personally funded

2016 Financials

Federal Tax ID 81-4208324
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Expenses 5200
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Name: Kim Manfredi
Title: Founder/President
Phone: 724-705-7993
Address: 87 East Maiden Street, Suite 32
Washington, PA 15301

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