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Southwestern Pennsylvania Legal Services

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To stabilize and improve the families, housing, and finances of low-income and other vulnerable southwestern Pennsylvania residents through legal advice, representation, and other assistance.

Programs and Services

  • Families: We advise and represent victims of abuse to obtain orders of protection, regardless of income, along with primarily low-income parents to protect, support, unify, or reunify them with their children. We also represent low-income spouses who are separated and in need of economic and other personal and family support.
  • Housing: We advise and represent low-income renters with regard to their tenancy, housing conditions, and utilities; low-income mobile home renters and owners; and those facing mortgage foreclosure. We also enforce and educate about the Fair Housing Act to protect vulnerable classes from discrimination through our Fair Housing Law Center. Finally, we provide renters and those potentially facing homelessness with housing and budgeting counseling.
  • Economic security: We advise and represent those facing consumer debt -- who need to maintain their income based upon employment, unemployment compensation, disability and public assistance -- by removing barriers to employment. Through our Low Income Taxpayer Clinic, low-income taxpayers resolve IRS debts and disputes.

Primary Revenue Sources

Legal Services Corporation, Department of Human Services, Pennsylvania IOLTA ,and Housing and Urban Development

2020 Financials

Federal Tax ID25-1192139
Net Assets$944,641


Name:Brian V. Gorman
Title:Executive Director
Phone:(724) 225-6170
Address:10 W. Cherry Ave.
Washington, PA 15301

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