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Southwestern Pennsylvania Legal Aid*

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Civil justice for those in need, their homes secured, families protected, and finances fortified.

Programs and Services

  • Southwestern Pennsylvania Legal Aid is the civil legal aid serving southwestern Pennsylvania, including Washington County. We provide advice, advocacy, education, and representation for legal issues related to domestic and sexual violence, family and juvenile law, housing, and financial security.
  • We help domestic and sexual violence victims secure protection orders, along with other orders to protect their families, housing, and finances. We also advise and represent parents in family and juvenile court.
  • We offer a variety of housing advocacy to protect tenants, mobile home park residents, those facing foreclosure, and victims of discrimination.
  • Our financial services are broad, addressing unemployment and underemployment, debt, disability, public assistance, and barriers to employment, including clearing past criminal records and restoring driver's licenses.

Primary Revenue Sources

Legal Services Corporation, Housing and Urban Development, Pa. Department of Human Services, Pa. IOLTA

2022 Financials

Federal Tax ID 25-1192139
Revenue 3136151
Expenses 2653172
Net Assets 583936


Name: Brian Gorman
Title: Executive Director
Phone: 800-846-0871
Address: 10 W. Cherry Ave.
Washington, PA 15301

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