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Programs and Services

  • WCT believes that the arts are a big part of a thriving, healthy community. We are a strictly volunteer run organization that strives to provide a venue for members of the community to BOTH participate in and enjoy live, family entertainment at an affordable cost. WCT has produced 47 summer shows over the life time of the organization (This summer is the 50th Anniversary of the first ever show, However!) and now provides fall, dinner theater shows and kids only shows.
  • Two years ago, WCT formed WCT KIDZ, Inc, a kids(7-12 year olds) only group that performs multiple times yearly in and around the community. Many current members of WCT are third and fourth generation members whose parents and grandparents have performed before them. Many audience members are also third and fourth generation attendees of the shows. Every year, WCT attracts new participants and attendees, helping the organization grow in both membership and participation, as well as outreach.
  • WCT serves a population from children to the elderly in participants and audience members who attend our family friendly productions. Participation costs are minimal and ticket prices are reasonable so anyone from any demographic can be included.
  • We produce three shows yearly that rival and any show that can be seen at any of the theaters in Pittsburgh. The longevity of the organization and it's positive progress are testaments to the quality of the programming. WCT has made it a goal to attract new members, volunteers and supporters each year. Last year, Hairspray brought audiences bigger than ever. This year, WCT celebrates 50 years of providing entertainment to the community.
  • We offer the community the opportunity to participate in quality, family, live entertainment. Opportunities range from directors to actors to stage hands to orchestra members and more. We also provide live entertainment in three different venues providing many different options for all ages. Our productions are carefully selected to appeal to all demographics of the community and the costs of participation and attendance are kept very reasonable.

Primary Revenue Sources

Shows and Fundraising

Primary Fundraising Event

Grants, sponsorship's, donations, and patrons

2018 Financials

Federal Tax ID25-1759890
Net Assets$66,590


Name:Dewayne Curry
Address:P.O. Box 994
Washington, PA 15301

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