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Canon-McMillan Horizon Foundation


The mission of the Canon-McMillan Horizon Foundation is to connect the financial, material and social resources of the Canon-McMillan community and the Canon-McMillan School District for the benefit of the students of Canon-McMillan and the community. We intend to create a bond that is mutually beneficial to both and to constantly improve the quality of life in the Canon-McMillan community.

Programs and Services

  • It is the Horizon Foundation's belief that there are needs and unique programs that the community could supply, but without connections, there are opportunities missed. We seek financial support but we also think that there are material items that are available in the community that individuals and businesses are willing to donate so we could become a clearinghouse for those items. We want to be that conduit.
  • After four years of "building" our organization to a level that all the EINs and BCCO's and writing by-laws and legal postings we feel we have acquired the "property" to build a good Foundation. We have had donations that have pleased and some have surprised us. We have been able to surprise teachers, students and administration with funds for unique projects that were outside of the District's budget. As individual Board members we have solicited support from local businesses.
  • We have received direct donations for specific projects as large as a mobile store that Canon-McMillan "Entrepreneurship" and "Technology"classes sell products that they have designed, produced, marketed and sold that bear Canon-McMillan logos. The students even made keepsake acrylic prom ticket keychains from this venture. We also received smaller donations that have provided comfortable furniture and lamps for reading corners in 7th grade reading classes.
  • We combine small donations that cover projects that take high school zoology class members to teach about animals to 2nd grade classes by taking live animals to their classrooms. Our grants have covered the expenses. The Foundation wants to provide educational experiences for students that normal school budgets do not cover. The examples cited here are a few of the many teacher grants that we have given.

Primary Revenue Sources


Primary Fundraising Event

Kickoff Reception

2016 Financials

Federal Tax ID46-3023550
Net Assets$26,628


Name:Kathleen Berry
Address:200 DeMar Blvd.
Canonsburg, PA 15317

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