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Charleroi Area School District Education Foundation


Provide supplemental assistance to Charleroi Area School District; Award scholarships to students and learning enrichment grants to educators in the Charleroi School District.

Programs and Services

  • CASDEF will provide funding for STEM/STEAM programs to advance opportunities for student learning in science, technology, engineering, arts,and mathematics fields to better prepare them for higher education and jobs in these areas.
  • CASDEF will provide funding to teachers requesting monies for innovative programs such as the environmental waterway stewardship program, the aquaponics program, the drone program, and the BOTS programs.
  • CASDEF will provide programs and equipment to advance the arts, such as keyboard and drum equipment, screen printing equipment, 3-D Doodler pens, and state of the art sewing machines.
  • CASDEF will promote physical fitness and healthy sport environments by providing items such as weight equipment, the Power Hydration Tanker System, pedometers, and fitness balls/wiggle chairs to promote fitness while learning.
  • CASDEF will provide technology for state of the art learning opportunities, such as chromebooks and I-pads, Z-space technology, compound microscopes, and proven methods for advanced learning for special needs/special education students.

Primary Revenue Sources

Fundraising and donations

Primary Fundraising Event

Blast from the Past Oldies Concert

2016 Financials

Federal Tax ID27-3166070
Net Assets$73,207


Name:Joanne Wiltz
Phone:(724) 344-9750
Address:111 Fallowfield Avenue, P.O. Box 382
Charleroi, PA 15022

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