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Fort Vance Historical Society


To preserve local history. To achieve accessibility of the collections.

Programs and Services

  • We are an "All Volunteer" staff. We maintain hours every Wednesday in the Burgettstown Community Library (except for conflict with our host hours of operation). We are available by appointment.
  • We promote to people that have interest in our area by using Facebook as a tool for awareness. We post photos that might pertain to upcoming programs, holidays, and whatever photos we are scanning. We currently have 1,918 followers. The current insight includes 47 U.S. cities, 41 countries. At times, we do receive requests for area photos. Also, we have donated binders of older photos and events to our local municipalities that we update periodically.
  • Upon request, we provided photos for permanent display at the Burgettstown Borough office. We provided the Burgettstown Volunteer Fire Department with a binder of their history and it is updated as articles are found. We provide copies of all sports articles and sport photos the the Burgettstown Chapter of the Pennsylvania Hall of Fame. It is their decision if it is needed for their collection. We have free information sheets in all local subjects for people to enjoy and to discover the past.
  • To fill the void of the Burgettstown area history and genealogy, we are scanning area history, photos, articles of interest, and obituaries. We currently have over 5,100 obituaries on line with limited name recognition. These are all available for free on We have received genealogy requests of local families from as far away as Canada, Holland and Australia. Last year, we had visitors from California, Minnesota, Virginia, Arizona. We help other historical groups as well.
  • In our room, we have binders for those that aren't so computer savvy. They are by subject such as: Advertisements, Railroad, Coal, Cemeteries, Church, Sports, Schools, Military, Towns, and Pioneer families.

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2016 Financials

Federal Tax ID90-1069616
Net Assets$15,000


Name:Deborah L. Vraninin
Phone:(724) 947-5441
Address:2 Kerr Street
Burgettstown, PA 15021

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