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Greater Washington County Food Bank


To form lasting solutions to hunger insecurity through effective food distribution systems; educate and empower the needy in seeking positive lifestyle changes; and create awareness through individuals and community partners.

Programs and Services

  • No one can thrive on an empty stomach and Greater Washington County Food Bank (GWCFB) has been helping to feed the hungry for over 30 years. With 45 food distribution sites located throughout Washington County we offer nutrition to an average 5,400 individuals each month. 30% of these individuals are children and more than 20% are senior citizens. And now, we are poised to offer even more.
  • The purchase of a 26,000 square foot warehouse facility along Route 40 complemented by adjoining acreage has allowed us to offer a host of new programs. The Healthy Habits Training Center (HHTC) opened in the fall of 2016. The HHTC, through a huge volunteer effort, offers cooking, gardening and finance classes which help people to become more self-sustaining and productive citizens. GWCFB has two additional projects that are helping the Food Bank to become more self-sustaining.
  • Country Thrift Market is the retail outlet of the Food Bank. Donations allow Country Thrift Market to sell new and gently used items to individuals at an affordable price. Proceeds help offset operational costs at the food bank. The thrift store also provides work experience for special need individuals and groups in need of training and volunteer hours.
  • The Farm is part of a comprehensive program that offers educational opportunities and public outreach, promoting empowerment and personal growth to residents. Food grown at The Farm will help to feed clients of the Food Bank as well as provide an additional income stream covering expenses like trucking and warehousing the products we deliver every month. We are currently in the process of implementing hydroponic and aquaponic systems to provide additional nutritious food to our clients.
  • Greater Washington County Food Bank distributed more than 2.7 million pounds of food last year to food insecure people in Washington County. We partner with numerous non-profits facilitating donations or greatly reduced prices on products in an effort to assist others with their missions. Our warehouse and pantries work with thousands of volunteers to accomplish the mission.

Primary Revenue Sources

Community Support (i.e. Foundation Grants, Corporate Funding, General Public Donations)

Primary Fundraising Event

2000 Turkeys Campaign

2019 Financials

Federal Tax ID23-2939247
Net Assets$2,458,883


Name:Joy Braunstein
Title:Donor Relations Coordinator
Phone:724-632-2190 ext. 114
Address:909 National Pike West
Brownsville, PA 15417

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