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Pennsylvania Elks Major Projects


The PA Home Service Program provides nurses/care coordinators who visit the homes of children and adults with developmental disabilities. Services are offered to PA residents of any age at no cost to the family, and can continue as long as needed. Over 4,000 families receive services.

Programs and Services

  • The PA Elks Home Service Program offers a Registered Nurse who can provide free in-home services to children and adults with developmental disabilities living anywhere in Washington County. She helps the individual and their family/caregivers navigate the often-complicated human service and health care systems. She helps participants find out about and access the services and support they need to enhance their quality of life.
  • The Elks Home Service Nurse supports each individual served to help improve their health and safety outcomes. She can help them access quality health care and adequate affordable health insurance benefits. She supports them to find the health care providers who care for individuals with disabilities. She can help them access the medical equipment, supplies and any Assistive Technology they need.
  • The Elks Home Service Nurse can provide one-on-one health and safety teaching to help individuals remain as healthy as they can and reduce secondary medical complications. She can act as a liaison between health care providers and participants to help them understand their treatment and care.
  • The Elks Home Service Nurse can support each individual to help them access the appropriate educational services and vocational support to help them live as independently and self-sufficiently as possible. She offers help with inclusion and integration into the community so that each participant can become active, participating members of the community where they live.
  • The Elks Home Service Nurse can provide support to the family and caregivers of individuals with special needs. She can help them with the details of care, allowing them to experience decreased stress and enjoy an improved quality of life.

Primary Revenue Sources

Elks Fundraising, PA Department of Health, Foundation grants

Primary Fundraising Event

Ongoing fundraisers by Elks Lodge throughout the year

2016 Financials

Federal Tax ID25-6084084
Net Assets$1,609,482


Name:Marjorie Wood
Title:Grant Projects Director
Phone:(412) 997-2723
Address:703 Georgian Place
Somersest, PA 15501

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