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Pennsylvania State Animal Response Team “Washington County Animal Response Team”


To provide equipment, supplies, planning and training to animal response teams in Pennsylvania to respond in the event of an emergency or act of terrorism.

Programs and Services

  • The Pennsylvania State Animal Response Team (PASART) was founded to assist government officials in responding to or handling companion animal and domestic livestock needs during a disaster. County local teams (CARTs) are the local responders for PASART. Washington County Animal Response Team (WaCART) will respond to both large and small-scale animal events for Washington County. WaCART is deployed for animal emergencies through the County Dispatch / 911.
  • WaCART has a Technical Large Animal Emergency Response Team (TLAERT) which will respond to animals stuck in precarious situations (ex. horse stuck in a sink hole or down over a hillside). The response team is trained in techniques such as A-frame lifts and rope system rescues. WaCART will also respond to highway accidents involving animals where rescue and temporary sheltering or management is required. WaCART can extricate animals from vehicles & place them in portable corrals until transport.
  • WaCART responds with the Red Cross when they open emergency shelters (ex. gas well release or fire that leads to an evacuation of homes within a half-mile to mile radius). WaCART will set-up a temporary shelter for domestic pets (ex. cats and dogs). WaCART has a response trailer with crates, food bowls, liter boxes and supplies needed for a temporary shelter. In addition, WaCART can assist in the coordination of the transport of large animals during an emergency evacuation.
  • WaCART will also respond through County Dispatch/911 to structure fires in which a large amount of homeowners are displaced and are in need of temporary sheltering of their companion animals. In addition, WaCART is conducting fund raising efforts to provide Washington County fire departments and ambulance services with pet oxygen kits (masks and tubing) that will allow first responders to provide oxygen to pets affected by fire incidents.
  • WaCART is an all volunteer organization that consists of first responders (fire department, EMT and HazMat responders) along with private citizens that believe in our motto, "It is not IF disaster will strike, it is WHEN disaster strikes, who will take care of the animals?" WaCART trains and responds to be there for animals when they are most in need.

Primary Revenue Sources

Fundraising Events

Primary Fundraising Event

Save Your Horse Safety Seminar for Washington County Horse Owners and Tee Shirt Sales

2016 Financials

Federal Tax ID20-2042482
Net Assets$209,304


Name:Mark DiNardo
Title:WaCART President
Phone:(717) 651-2736
Address:1310 Elmerton Avenue
Harrisburg, PA 17110

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