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Pennsylvania Trolley Museum


Preserve and interpret the history and technology of street railways in Pennsylvania.

Programs and Services

  • The mission of the Pennsylvania Trolley Museum is to communicate the story of Pennsylvania's Trolley Era to a diverse audience through the preservation, interpretation, and use of its collection of electric railway and railroad equipment, associated artifacts and photo/document archives, and to ensure that its visitors have an enjoyable and rewarding educational experience.
  • The Pennsylvania Trolley Museum (PTM) has provided living history experiences to the general public at its museum in Washington since 1963. This experience includes visitors being encouraged to touch the exhibits and ride in them too! We are more than a trolley ride; our museum guides put the trolley in its historical context, and explain what life was like 60-100 years ago. The Museum has a small paid staff but is mostly staffed by about 150 volunteers who donate over 27,000 hours per year!
  • Provide grade-specific and age-specific educational programming both at the Museum and off-site to a diverse audience. The Museum serves students from preschool through the college level as well as continuing education opportunities for all age levels. These programs discuss the importance of electric railway transportation to the growth of our society in the past and into the future. We also incorporate STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) concepts into our education programs.
  • Preserve historic artifacts and archival materials relating to the Trolley Era and the Electric Age. The Museum's collections include over 50 historic electric railway and railroad vehicles, four historic waiting shelters, an historic trolley interurban station, and 1,000's of images, books, documents and artifacts in its Archives.
  • Provide unique facilities that can be made available to community and business groups. These include an events room seating 60-75 people and outdoor picnic facilities.
  • Provide important economic development benefits to Washington County by attracting almost 32,000 visitors a year from all over the United States and the world! Heritage Tourism is a very important part of our tourism economy which is the 2nd largest industry in Pennsylvania. PTM is as founding member of the Washington County Heritage Alliance, which works to promote Heritage Tourism in Washington County.

Primary Revenue Sources

Grants, visitor admissions and donations

Primary Fundraising Event

WCCF Gives

2016 Financials

Federal Tax ID25-6060314
Net Assets$13,574,854


Name:Scott R. Becker
Title:Executive Director
Address:1 Museum Road
Washington, PA 15301

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