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The Brownson House


The mission of the organization is principally to raise the moral and civic standards of the community through recreational and educational activities.

Programs and Services

  • The Brownson House Inc. has provided recreational and educational services for the Greater Washington Area for 90 years.
  • The Brownson House offers basketball programs for youth both girls and boys from 1st grade through 11th grade. These programs encompass all of western Pennsylvania, northern West Virginia, and eastern Ohio. Our objective is to keep the student athletes active, while providing a safe environment, for them to learn about sportsmanship, and to experience interaction with participants from different social, religious, ethnic and economic backgrounds.
  • The Brownson House/Vernon C. Neal Sportsplex serve the Greater Washington Area with youth and adult flag football programs. The youth flag football program is an introduction to the game of football without physical contact. Participation and fun are emphasized in these programs. The adult flag football league is an outstanding cardio-vascular activity that allows the players to remain competitive in sports and share time with friends.
  • The Vernon C. Neal Sportsplex soccer programs are available to both youth and adults. Teams and players represent school districts and soccer organizations from all over the Tri-State Region. The youth and high school programs allow teams to play together during the Winter months at our indoor astro-turf facility. The participants can hone their skills and maintain their physical conditioning when it is too cold to play outside. The B. H. youth soccer is a strictly recreational program for fun.
  • The Brownson House Boxing Club, teaches young men and women the art of boxing and self defense in a controlled environment. The trainers emphasize sportsmanship and proper use of the boxing skills they teach. The program is available for both youth and adults.

Primary Revenue Sources

memberships and donations

Primary Fundraising Event

Golf Tournament and Cash Bash

2016 Financials

Federal Tax ID25-0965444
Net Assets$1,515,085


Name:Jon Celani
Title:Executive Director
Address:1415 Jefferson Ave.
Washington, PA 15301

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