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Transitional Employment Consultants


Transitional Employment Consultant's mission is to assist individuals with disabilities to become independent, productive members of the community by providing job readiness training and placement into competitive employment.

Programs and Services

  • Adult Supported Employment Program assists individuals with significant disabilities with job finding and job support in the community. Services include job readiness preparation, job search, securing jobs in the community, and supports necessary to retain employment.
  • Adult Drug & Alcohol Supported Employment Program is an evidenced-based program that assists individuals with substance abuse disabilities in recovery to secure and retain employment. This program provides individualized recovery education and supported employment services to complete the successful recovery process.
  • High School Transition from School to Work TEC Education Center prepares students with disabilities for the world of tomorrow. The TEC Education Center is a PA licensed private academic school. Academic curriculum is designed to meet student Individual Education Goals (IEP) and to give each student the opportunity to earn their high school diploma. A Certified Special Education Teacher and support staff lead students to learn and develop the necessary skills for employment after high school.
  • High School Transition from School to Work Community-Based Vocational Instruction Program provides volunteer work experiences for students at community-based employers. Benefits for the students include positive interaction with peers and employers, individual and team skill building opportunities, and experience of gaining work skills in a real world work settings.
  • High School Transition "Skills for the Future" Program assists students with significant disabilities to develop and enhance their social skills, soft skills and pre-employment skills prior to receiving Community Based Vocational Instruction experiences.

Primary Revenue Sources

High School Transition Program Revenues; PA Office of Vocational Rehabilitation; Fees for Service; Washington County BHDS Program; United Way of Washington County; and, Fayette County BHA Program

Primary Fundraising Event

Annual Awards Celebration

2016 Financials

Federal Tax ID25-1457559
Net Assets$674,343


Name:Kendra L. Casella
Title:Executive Director
Address:330 Central Avenue
Washington, PA 15301

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