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TRPIL affirms liberty and justice for all people with disabilities.

Programs and Services

  • Transitional Paths to Independent Living (TRPIL) is a multi-service agency assisting people with disabilities throughout Southwestern Pennsylvania. Last year, we served over 2,500 individuals through our various programs with over 4,310 requests for information. For over 28 years, TRPIL has been providing independent living skills training, information and referral services, peer support, advocacy, and transition assistance. Transitions include leaving a nursing home or youth to work/education.
  • TRPIL works with nearly 600 direct care workers who work daily with 600 consumers with daily living skills (getting out of bed, meal preparations, light housework, etc.). In less than two years, TRPIL transitioned 165 individuals who wanted to live in their own apartment or home with assistance from nursing homes they did not wish to live in. The agency also completes many home modifications that allows individuals to live in their own homes by adding ramps, kitchen, or bathroom renovations.
  • TRPIL also provides assistive technology equipment (such as an adaptive telephone, keyboard, or eating utensil) through a lending library to see if a device can make someone’s life easier. The agency also has an onsite wellness area that works to reduce secondary conditions for people with disabilities like diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity. We also have an internet café where people can come in to learn about computers, the internet, emails, and general technology safety.
  • Kimmy is a seven-year-old living with an all too common problem: during a lapse in coverage she needed to replace her current powered wheelchair, which no longer met her needs. Kimmy and her parents came to the office to see if a recently donated power chair was a good match for her. Kimmy, her family, and TRPIL’s AT Professional discussed the adjustments needed to fit Kimmy. The power chair batteries were replaced--typically a very expensive item. Now, Kimmy says, “I can go everywhere now."
  • TRPIL recently received a call from Bill, whose wife had recently passed away. He had a standing recliner that he did not need anymore, and wished to donate this piece of assistance technology to TRPIL. On the very same day, we got a referral from Robert--who happened to need a standing recliner! The two met and found out they were both veterans. It was an extremely gratifying moment for us to connect these two.

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2016 Financials

Federal Tax ID25-1858480
Net Assets$9,655,182


Name:Joann Naser
Title:Director of Development
Address:69 East Beau Street
Washington, PA 15301

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