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Washington Christian Outreach


Washington Christian Outreach provides assistance and services to the needy of our community.

Programs and Services

  • WCO is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. In our Soup Kitchen we serve a hot meal Monday-Friday, 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM. We have an onsite store where our recipients can shop for clothing, personal and household items for free. This is done thru daily donations that we receive and recycle back to the community. We offer emotional and spiritual support. All staff members are volunteers. WCO operates on donations from individuals, churches, companies and some grants. WCO offers several programs.
  • Every year Washington Christian Outreach fills and gives out Easter Baskets to the needy children in our community. 2018 we gave out 270 baskets.
  • Before the new school year begins WCO gives out new school book bags with supplies. WCO sponsors two schools through the Blessings In A Back Pack Program. Each week we fill 750 bags with nutritious snacks so that the children will have healthy snacks to eat on the weekends. Any child on government funded lunches is eligible. Studies have shown that children that eat healthy snacks on the weekends are more prepared and better able to function during the week and have higher test scores.
  • WCO provides a New Coat and Shoe Voucher Program. Children can get either a new coat or a new pair of shoes each new school year. A coat voucher is $35 and a shoe voucher is $25.
  • WCO provides a Thanksgiving meal for 100 people. For Christmas WCO has a huge Toy Give Out for the children. Families receive a Holiday Food Box filled with everything needed for a holiday meal plus a $20 Meat Voucher from a local grocery store.

Primary Revenue Sources

Donations from private individuals, churches, businesses and some grants.

Primary Fundraising Event

Purse Auction, Labor Day 5K Race and Christmas Palooza

2016 Financials

Federal Tax ID25-1550113
Net Assets$628,968


Name:Debbie Boardley
Title:Co-Director & Secretary
Address:119 Highland Avenue, P.O. Box 1659
Washington, PA 15301

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