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Washington Community Theatre


Community Theatre

Programs and Services

  • WCT believes that the arts are a big part of a thriving, healthy community. We are a strictly volunteer run organization that strives to provide a venue for members of the community to BOTH participate in and enjoy live, family entertainment at an affordable cost. WCT has produced 48 summer shows over the life time of the organization. Many current members of WCT are third and fourth generation members whose parents and grandparents have performed before them.
  • We offer the community the opportunity to participate in quality, family, live entertainment. WCT's participants range in age from 4 years old to 80 years old and span generations in some families. Community members are afforded the opportunity to be involved at any level of production including set design, set building, stage management, costume preparation, musical direction, choreography, orchestra direction, orchestra performance, stage performance and much more.
  • Further, we offer the community quality, live entertainment in two, different unique venues. Our productions are carefully selected in order to appeal to all demographics of our community. Our shows are something that many members of the community have been experiencing for years and with multiple generations of their families. Hundreds of people attend each show. In fact, in recent years, people have been turned away at the door as the "house" was full each and every night.F
  • WCT is currently preparing the production of Hairspray for June 20-24 at the Main Pavilion at the Washington Park. The fall show will be Putnam County Spelling Bee and will be held in November at The Washington Elks. Both undertakings are huge steps for WCT as both shows are well recognized and expectation levels for audiences is very high. Last year, WCT added WCT KIDZ, a kids only production. In August, WCT KIDZ will perform Groovy, a show of 60's music to compliment Hairspray.

Primary Revenue Sources

Shows and Fundraising

Primary Fundraising Event

Shows, including sponsorships, donors and patrons and fundraising events

2017 Financials

Federal Tax ID25-1759890
Net Assets$68,409


Name:Summerlea Klinar
Address:P.O. Box 994
Washington, PA 15301

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