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Washington County History & Landmarks Foundation


Washington County History & Landmarks Foundation is a private, non-profit educational organization that encourages the preservation of buildings, landmarks and structures deemed representative of the culture, architecture and history of Washington County, Pennsylvania.

Programs and Services

  • WCH&LF holds programs and tours throughout the year aimed primarily at local residents to educate them about Washington County's historic treasures. Programs in recent years have included historic farms and their support buildings, one-room schoolhouses, log structures, churches, river towns, local women of note, the Underground Railroad and most recently the National Road. This information, in photo, script and artifacts, is displayed at the John White House during the annual fair in August.
  • We have an ongoing program - Landmark designation and plaque - that recognizes those structures/sites that best represent our county's history in architecture, person(s) or event. Approved applicants receive a Certificate that records the property location, its original and present owners, and established date of construction. Purchase of an "L" plaque is optional and meant for display on their structure, signifying this designation.
  • H&L offers free services to assist property owners who seek advice or recommendations on preserving/restoring their historic structures. Workshops on restoration topics, including windows and doors, roof repair, masonry work, as well as how to research a property's history are held periodically as needed.
  • Printed material is available upon request. This includes "Preserving Our Past: Landmark Architecture of Washington County, Pennsylvania," a hard-bound book that has more than 400 photos; and several full-color researched brochures highlighting Washington County topics, namely Log Buildings, Farmhouses, Barns, Outbuildings, and One-Room Schoolhouses.
  • At our headquarters, the John White House, at the county fairgrounds, are housed our records from the multi-year Survey of Historic Structures; the Charlotte Lane Memorial Library, a collection of books, maps and other printed material for public use upon request and our own research. The library is named for our co-founder who served for numerous years as director of Washington-Greene Tourism Agency.

Primary Revenue Sources

Membership, donations, fundraisers

Primary Fundraising Event

WCCF Gives Day

2017 Financials

Federal Tax ID25-1385645
Net Assets$13,834


Name:Sandra Mansmann
Phone:(724) 225-2350
Address:2151 North Main Street, PO Box 274
Washington, PA 15301

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