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Washington County Watershed Alliance


Protection and Conservation of Natural Resources

Programs and Services

  • Water Quality: The WCWA (Washington County Watershed Alliance) has water monitoring equipment at 19 sites throughout the county. These sites are monitored for conductivity, temperature, and water level every 15 minutes continuously. With the help of local college students, the WCWA retrieves the data once a month. This information allows us to track the health of our major streams in the county and focus on areas that need water quality improvement.
  • Watershed Support: The Watershed Alliance serves as a financial umbrella organization assisting with grant and financial management for individual Watershed Associations. These include Buffalo Creek Watershed Association (BCWA), Chartiers Creek Watershed Association (ChCWA), Cross Creek Watershed Association (CCWA), Raccoon Creek Watershed Association (now the Independence Conservancy), Ten Mile Creek Watershed Association (TMCWA), and the Upper Wheeling Creek Watershed Association (UWCWA).
  • Education: The WCWA provides educational programming to local schools, community groups and the general public. Program topics include water & the water cycle, stream monitoring, macroinvertebrates (stream critters), plankton, and well water workshops. Our goal is to expand our program capacity and topic list.
  • Stream Clean ups: The WCWA and its Watershed Associations hold stream and road side cleanups every year. Helping to reduce the trash that enters our waterways. Already in 2018, we have participated in three events and collected more than 200 bags of trash and 86 tires and disposed of them properly.

Primary Revenue Sources

Grant funds and donations

Primary Fundraising Event

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2017 Financials

Federal Tax ID25-1815293
Net Assets$443,219


Name:Jennifer Dann
Address:2800 North Main Street, Suite 105
Washington, PA 15301

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