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Washington & Jefferson College


To graduate people of uncommon integrity, competence, and maturity, who are effective lifelong learners and responsible citizens, and who are prepared to contribute substantially to the world in which they live.

Programs and Services

  • The College promotes the development of skills, knowledge, personal qualities and a worldview that characterizes a well-educated person. All components of the living and learning environment at W&J are designed and intended to support this mission.
  • Founded in 1781, W&J is one of the oldest colleges in America. It is a four-year private, Liberal Arts college dedicated to its students, nationally recognized as an excellent residential, student-centered undergraduate institution.
  • Historically, a high percentage of students who apply to law schools and to professional health schools are accepted.

Primary Revenue Sources

Student tuition and fees; contributions and grants

Primary Fundraising Event

Continuous year-round fundraising efforts

2016 Financials

Federal Tax ID25-0965601
Net Assets$256,781,448


Name:Michele Hufnagel
Title:Associate VP, Development & Alumni Relations
Phone:(888) 926-3529
Address:60 South Lincoln Street
Washington, PA 15301

This website contains an organizational snapshot, as well as links and contact information, for each of our participating charities. We have also included the tax identification number for each charity so Donors wishing to review more detailed financial and governance information may access the Form 990 for that charity via